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We have a new arrival in the house; her name is Sienna.  My daughter didn’t want to wait for her Christmas present (Grace – American Girl doll) so she decided to take matters into her own hands and spend her savings on an Our Generation doll.  They have recently started stocking them in our local toy shop (Kids Stuff Toys, Chichester) and she has had her eye on ‘Sienna’ since she first appeared on the shelves.

I would like to be able to compare her to the American Girl dolls, but that will have to wait until after Christmas.   My daughter is very happy with her!  She comes with a pink corduroy skirt, faux fur gilet, stripy long-sleeved top, pink tights and white shoes.  She’s similar in size to the American Girl dolls but cheaper at around £30.

2015-10-09 16.48.04

Sienna in her box

18″ dolls haven’t really taken off yet in the UK, so it’s good to see the Our Generation girl dolls in stores now as I think they will be popular.  The best website in the UK for dolls and accessories is My Doll Boutique which stocks a range of different dolls and is good for comparing them all.   There is also an Our Generation girl website for the UK now (Our Generation World) where you can buy the dolls and the accessories on-line.

Another similar doll in the UK is the My London Girl which is similar to the American Girl brand, with a store girls can visit and immerse themselves in girlie heaven!

2015-10-09 16.48.33

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