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April 2015

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    Minecraft party survival

    Top 5 tips for a successful minecraft party 

    1. Keep guest numbers small if it’s in your house (we had six children in total – just the right number)
    2. Send them on a Minecraft scavenger hunt – we used the one on and they had great fun.  We also used various other free printables for food and drink labels, party bags etc:  and
    3. Make some Hama bead keyrings or badges (pop them in the party bags so they don’t get forgotten).  This kept them entertained for a while.  I order the beads and boards from Crafty Crocodiles ( and found the patterns here:   The weapons were a bit complicated for 6 year olds, the ‘faces’ were easier.   Just don’t jog each others elbows… File 23-04-2015 21 01 50
    4. Try and make one of those lovely ‘Minecraft block’ cakes like the amazing ones your son has seen on Pinterest.  Mine was a bit more humble!   My Mum kindly made a marble cake (using the same recipe she did for all those cakes she made me when I was little!), I then covered it with chocolate buttercream.  Next I rolled the icing out and cut it into squares using a pizza cutter and my quilting ruler (!).  I then spent ages sticking on lots of little squares.  It was by no means perfect but the birthday boy was happy… and he got to keep the Fimo cake toppers I made.

    Mummy can I have that one? – as he points to the most complicated three tiered cake…

    File 23-04-2015 21 01 32

    5.  Don’t play ‘Pass the Parcel’, ever.  I forget this rule every year and there are always tears and tantrums, even with chocolate treats with every layer!


    Fimo Bunnies

    File 10-04-2015 18 26 45

    Every year I make (or at least decorate – I sometimes need help with the baking part!) birthday cakes for my children.  Instead of making cake toppers with icing I always use Fimo.  This means that after the party’s over and all the cake has been scoffed, they have a little memento to keep.

    I made these cute little character’s for my daughter’s ‘bunny themed sleepover party’ and thought I would share them.   Next up is a Minecraft party for my son – expect to see a Fimo ‘Steve’ and friends here soon!