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    Paracord bracelet – beginners DIY tips

    paracord bracelets

    It was my son’s 10th birthday last month and I wanted to make something for the party bags. There was no specific theme for his party this year, but as they were all going to camp out in the back garden, a camping related DIY seemed the way to go. I started searching for ideas and quickly came across Paracord or ‘Survival’ bracelets. These chunky bracelets are great for boys and girls and quick to make, so I decided to give making them a try.

    paracord bracelets
    Paracord bracelets
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    Pokemon Deck Holder – 15 minute sewing project

    finished pokemon holder

    My son has just got into Pokemon trading cards in a big way and as I’m always sewing things for my daughter I thought this time I’d make him something.  As he’s always carrying around his Pokemon cards I decided he needed something to put them in!  I found some red, black and white felt and made this deck case.  He now wants me to make lots more so he can trade them with his friends to get some good cards.   Here’s what to do…

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    Vintage Tea Party

    I reached another milestone birthday earlier this month and decided that after planning lots of children’s parties, I deserved a tea party!  My teapot wanted an outing from the cupboard and so I decided to have ‘afternoon tea’.  I also love the look and taste of cupcakes!

    It’s an easy theme to do – here are some ideas from my party:

    2015-10-11 14.53.04

    Thanks to my Mum for the amazing cake!

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    Beanie Boo party ideas


    Another year, another party!  My daughter decided that her party had to follow her latest cuddly obsession, Beanie Boos.  I wasn’t convinced but soon came up with some ideas (with help from Pinterest!).  I’ve shared some of the things we did and made for the party – we had lots of fun, so I hope you do to!

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    Minecraft party survival

    Top 5 tips for a successful minecraft party 

    1. Keep guest numbers small if it’s in your house (we had six children in total – just the right number)
    2. Send them on a Minecraft scavenger hunt – we used the one on and they had great fun.  We also used various other free printables for food and drink labels, party bags etc:  and
    3. Make some Hama bead keyrings or badges (pop them in the party bags so they don’t get forgotten).  This kept them entertained for a while.  I order the beads and boards from Crafty Crocodiles ( and found the patterns here:   The weapons were a bit complicated for 6 year olds, the ‘faces’ were easier.   Just don’t jog each others elbows… File 23-04-2015 21 01 50
    4. Try and make one of those lovely ‘Minecraft block’ cakes like the amazing ones your son has seen on Pinterest.  Mine was a bit more humble!   My Mum kindly made a marble cake (using the same recipe she did for all those cakes she made me when I was little!), I then covered it with chocolate buttercream.  Next I rolled the icing out and cut it into squares using a pizza cutter and my quilting ruler (!).  I then spent ages sticking on lots of little squares.  It was by no means perfect but the birthday boy was happy… and he got to keep the Fimo cake toppers I made.

    Mummy can I have that one? – as he points to the most complicated three tiered cake…

    File 23-04-2015 21 01 32

    5.  Don’t play ‘Pass the Parcel’, ever.  I forget this rule every year and there are always tears and tantrums, even with chocolate treats with every layer!