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Another year, another party!  My daughter decided that her party had to follow her latest cuddly obsession, Beanie Boos.  I wasn’t convinced but soon came up with some ideas (with help from Pinterest!).  I’ve shared some of the things we did and made for the party – we had lots of fun, so I hope you do to!


Featuring Coconut, Ruby and friends.  You can download a free pdf version (personal use only) here: Beanie Boo Invitation .  Tell everyone to bring their favourite Beanie Boo (my daughter made little loom band necklace for each guest’s Beanie Boo so they didn’t get muddled up!)



I love planning craft activities for parties and as it was a sleepover I decided that we would make Beanie Boo tents and also decorate battery operated tea-lights to put in these tents at night.  This was to make sure the Beanie Boos weren’t too scared in the dark!  The tents turned out well but involved a lot of glue gun sticking so may be best made in advance.  I used the ‘My Froggy Stuff’ tutorial from YouTube My Froggy Stuff (they can make anything with cardboard and a glue gun!)

We also decorated party hats (I used a template from lavendersbluedesigns blog, which has instructions as well if you need them).  I printed two hats on each sheet of coloured A4 paper so they came out the right size for the Beanie Boos.   Tip – glitter glue doesn’t dry when in big blobs and they all used lots of it!   Don’t forget elastic for the straps and lots of cute stickers, ribbon, pom poms etc.

2015-07-13 18.39.02


As Bongo (pictured above) was one of my daughter’s birthday presents, she wanted a Bongo themed cake!  I made a Fimo Bongo and Coconut to go on top of the cake (she likes to keep a memento of the day) and decorated the rest of the cake in a simple jungle theme using icing.  I’m not a professional cake decorator and have never taken any courses so I was pleased with the results (just don’t look too closely!)

2015-07-13 18.19.27

I love the simplicity of fairy cakes so made these as well. I made the cake toppers using Canva (if you’ve not heard of Canva yet, it’s a really easy to use design website and app).

Cake Toppers

If you want to use them for your party there’s a free pdf here: Cake topper

2015-07-13 19.37.40


As well as a tent and tea-light, everyone went home with their own Beanie Boo sized sleeping bag and a Beanie Boo keyring with a special name tag (created using Canva).  My daughter came up with the idea of the ‘Keep Calm’ tag after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.  Download the keep calm pdf here. 

2015-07-13 19.31.50

Have a happy Beanie Boo sleepover party and make sure you schedule plenty of downtime for the next day (you’ll all need a rest!).

Goodnight from Specks and Ruby x

2015-07-05 17.23.05



5 thoughts on “Beanie Boo party ideas

  1. Mel says:

    My daughter Ella is obsessed with beanie boos and she has a party coming up so I was lookning around and found this amazing website! thankyou so much!

  2. Mel says:

    My daughter Ella is obsessed with beanie boos and she has a party coming up so I was looking around and found this amazing website! thankyou so much!

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