Sock Alien Tutorial

It’s all about ‘Space’ at the moment – at my daughter’s school anyway.   It wasn’t part of the homework but my daughter, Amelie, decided…

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It’s all about ‘Space’ at the moment – at my daughter’s school anyway.   It wasn’t part of the homework but my daughter, Amelie, decided to design a sock Alien to take into school and to write about.  She even offered to make it herself – if I could help with the sewing machine bit (I still haven’t made the ‘plague’ rat she designed for the last topic!).  So I made the one that features below and she made her own one, which she didn’t want to feature on my blog in case everyone copied it!  The Alien does need legs because it can fly, obviously…

What you need:

  • A pair of socks – I used boys socks, you can use any size – the bigger the sock the bigger your Alien!
  • Stuffing – Amelie wanted polystyrene balls so that’s what we used (they go everywhere!), but normal toy stuffing will do.
  • 2 x safety eyes, 1 x button and length of embroidery thread for sewing the mouth.
  • 1 x pipe cleaners
  • 2 x pom-poms

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The cutting bit…

  • Turn your socks inside out. Flatten them and cut out as per the picture below.  This gives you three pieces for the arms, head and body.

File 10-01-2016, 18 18 55

The sewing bit…

Make the arms:

  • Using a sewing machine, stitch two arm shapes, leaving one end open.

File 10-01-2016, 18 19 58

  • Cut the arms out so you have two separate arms.
  • Turn right side out and set aside.

File 10-01-2016, 18 20 16

Make the body:

  • Turn your body piece right side out and stuff.
  • Using a running stitch, sew about 1/2″ from the raw edge, then pull your stitches to gather the opening shut, tucking the in the raw edges as you pull it together.  Secure with a few stitches across and back, then fasten off.

File 10-01-2016, 18 20 36

Attach the arms to the body:

  • Close the ends of the arms in the same way as the body (see above) but leave the thread attached and use it to attach each arm to the body.   Use a ladder stitch to do this.

File 10-01-2016, 18 20 52

File 10-01-2016, 18 21 09

Make the head:

  • Carefully push the back of the safety eye through the jersey – don’t cut it as it will unravel (I’ve made that mistake previously!) and secure the backing.

File 10-01-2016, 18 21 43

  • Turn right side out and add the stuffing.

File 10-01-2016, 18 21 57

  • Sew up the end (same method as other body parts)

File 10-01-2016, 18 22 10

  • Sew the head to the body (sewn up ends together) using ladder stitch.

File 10-01-2016, 18 22 29

Add your Alien’s features:

  • I used a button for his nose and embroidered a smile – you can get creative here and come up with different silly faces.

File 10-01-2016, 18 23 05

  • To make the antennae, thread each end of one pipe cleaner into a pom-pom using a big needle (you can hook the end of the pipe cleaner through the eye of the needle and then carefully ‘thread’ it through the pom-pom).  So you end up with two pom-poms – one on each end of the pipe cleaner.

File 10-01-2016, 18 23 24

  • To attach the antennae, fold over the top of the sock (the toe bit) and stitch over the middle of the pipe cleaner to conceal and secure it.

File 10-01-2016, 18 23 41

And you’re all done!

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File 10-01-2016, 18 24 13

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