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DIY Cactus charm friendship bracelet instructions

Cactus friendship bracelet

With summer on it’s way we wanted to give you something bright and colourful to make. Yellow is everywhere at the moment and using this bold colour on accessories is a good way of adding a pop of colour to any outfit. This cactus charm friendship bracelet is quick and simple to make. You’ll find all the DIY instructions below, so read on!

Cactus bracelet displayed on cactus
Big brother cactus meet his little sister!

You will need:


Cut two 30 cm lengths of cord and seal the ends (by carefully holding lighter flame close to the end so it melts slightly – grown-ups only).

Thread the cactus pendant onto both cords and knot either side of the pendant. Knot both cords together at the end.

Knotting either side of the pendant

Make the bracelet into a circle so the ends are overlapping each other. Cut another length of cord 40 cm long. Tie this second cord around your bracelet as shown below., making sure the ends are similar in length.

friendship bracelet knotting
Adding the sliding knots

Take the cord on the left under your main bracelet and the cord on the right under the left cord, over the bracelet and under the loop your left cord made. Pull tight. See image below.

friendship bracelet knotting

Take the left cord over the bracelet and down under the right cord. Then take the right cord under the bracelet and up through the loop on the left.

friendship bracelet knotting

Keep repeating these knots until you have a row about 2.5 cm long. This type of knotting is called a ‘square knot’ – see the lovely drawing below.

Square knot picture
Here’s a lovely drawing of a square knot to help!

To finish off the loose ends, thread them back under a couple of your knots, cut off the excess, then carefully melt the ends to seal.

friendship bracelet knotting
friendship bracelet knotting
Finished bracelet!

We got our supplies from a great Etsy shop called ‘The Curious Gem‘ – they have lots of different silver and gold pendants which would work well for simple friendship bracelets, as well as different coloured cord (and lots of beads!).

If you’ve mastered the square knot you’ll be able to make Paracord bracelets like these.

We hope you enjoyed making your bracelet – let us know how you get on by commenting below!

Claire and Amelie
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