Neon bead and tassel key ring – make one now!

neon tassel keyring

I found some fun colourful ‘slices’ of polymer clay fruit and flowers whilst going through my craft supplies. I had to do something with them as they were so bright and sunny. This is what I made – a neon yellow and green bead and tassel key ring. Great for bringing summer sunshine to rainy days and adding a pop of on trend neon colour to your bag or keys.

Fimo fruit slices
Fimo fruit and flower ‘slices’

What you need:

Making your beads:

Make four beads out of your polymer clay – I made 2 x lemon, 1 x green, 1 x yellow. Make sure your biggest bead is about 2cm diameter, then make the rest in decreasing sizes. For tips on making beads check out this post

Take your biggest bead and carefully press in the fruit and flower slices so they stick. Work all around the bead until it is covered in colourful slices. You can roll it lightly as you go to help them stick.

Carefully make a hole in each bead with a cocktail stick or similar sharp pointy thing (or you can drill a hole after baking if you have a small craft drill).

Bake your beads according to the instructions on the packet.

beads drying
Glossing the beads

When the beads are baked and cool, put them back on cocktail sticks and add some gloss varnish. Sometimes the beads get stuck on the sticks – if this happens use a pair of pliers to hold the stick and carefully pull the bead off.

Making the key ring

Now your beads are finished and looking glossy and gorgeous, thread them onto your rainbow cord, starting with the biggest bead, loop over the key ring and then thread back down the beads again. Knot the two ends of the cord together and cut off any excess.

neon tassel keyring

Next loop the ribbon through the key ring and knot together. Repeat with your other cords and pom pom trim until it looks fabulous!

If you can’t find your keys, adding a big colourful key ring will help them stand out on the messy kitchen table!

Claire x

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