Sewing and Craft inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas

If you have a Mum or Gran who spends all their spare time sewing, knitting, embroidering and generally being super creative, why not give them…

If you have a Mum or Gran who spends all their spare time sewing, knitting, embroidering and generally being super creative, why not give them a sewing or craft inspired gift for Mother’s Day, rather than another ‘Best Mum’ mug. As a Mum who loves to sew and craft, here are my favourite finds:

This gorgeous vintage sewing machine Linocut print reminds me of my first Singer sewing machine which my Grandma gave to me. I love the bold folk art style details. Sewing machines are not quite as beautifully made these days! Bring back some happy sewing memories for your Mum or Grandma! The print is £22 from The Red Button Press on Etsy.

Linocut sewing machine print
Linocut sewing machine print by The Red Button Press

Ban messy tangled tape measures from your Mum’s sewing box with a cute retractable tape measure. The hardest part will be deciding which one to choose! Find them in the Pocket Craft Supplies shop on Etsy for £3.20 each.

Why have plain scissors when you can have gorgeous shiny ones which look like a bird or animal?! The gold and silver stork scissors start at £3 from the Pocket Craft Supplies shop on Etsy, or you can find a rose gold version on Amazon here or from the Sew Pro Crafts Etsy shop. Alternatively, if you know they love Unicorns (who doesn’t!) try these from Amazon or from Sew Pro Crafts.

I love the idea of getting a box of hand dyed yarn as a surprise on Mother’s Day. It’s a great gift idea for any Mum or Grandma who’s always knitting, crocheting or even just making pompoms! Find this box and lots of colourful hand dyed yarn at the Homespunwonders Etsy shop.

For any ‘soon to be’ Mum’s there is a Baby Yarn Box in soft pastel colours so they can knit or crochet cute baby clothes (whilst they have the time!).

All those odd buttons that your Mum or Grandma save need a good home! These pretty tins from Homespunwonders Etsy shop are the perfect home for random collections of ‘this will come in handy one day’ things. I have a whole drawer dedicated to random haberdashery and buttons (and that was after having a clear out…).

As someone who is very guilty of #toomanysewingplanstoolittletime, having good storage for ongoing projects is essential (I still haven’t finished my ‘year of stitches’ from 2018). These clear pouches from Sarah Ashford Studio’s Etsy shop are perfect for different sewing projects. If like me, your Mum has more than one project at once, you can easily see what’s inside and they will keep everything tidy and safe.

stitch project pouch
‘Stitch’ Project Pouch

I recently found my old badge collection in the attic (was anyone else a member of the Dennis the Menace fan club!) and found some old enamel pin badges. A quick search on Etsy and I found lots of cute, funny and sometimes rude pins. Punky Pins do a sewing machine pin and a couple of other crafty pins (also some great pins for book or stationery fans).

Every sewer needs a pin cushion and they don’t have to look boring. This cheeky tea-cup pin cushion will bring a smile to any sewer as they sit unpicking their seams when they make a mistake! They are lovingly handmade by Hannah of Hannah Doodle, and come in a rainbow of colours.

teacup pin cushion
Coral teacup pincushion

As someone who would always choose staying at home in my pjs sewing over going to a party, this embroidered tote bag from Handmade by Elaine on Etsy struck a cord with me. It would make a practical Mother’s Day gift for any keen sewer.

Another idea is a knitting needle case; the woodland fabric on this one from Sew Pro Crafts has a folk art feel to it which I love. There are other fabrics available which are equally good.

Jewellery and accessories are always great to receive on Mother’s Day. I like this personalised sewing charm bangle from Juliet English and sewers keyring from GlitzandGifts.

For Mum’s who are frequently found browsing in stationery shops and like a good notebook, this personalised sewing notebook from Made by Ellis may be just what you need.

I hope you found my suggestions useful and you manage to find that perfect gift for your special Mum or Gran. If not, just gift them your time and love (and make them put their feet up!) Don’t forget to subscribe to receive more crafty updates…

Claire x

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