Make a ‘Betty the Bat’ headband

The second in my series of Quick Makes – a tutorial for making a headband with a cute bat for your little ‘trick or treaters’!

Betty Batty Headband

Betty Batty Headband

Read on to find out how…

What you need:

  • Scraps of grey, white and dark pink felt
  • 9″ x 4″ piece of black felt
  • 3″ x 18″ piece of black jersey (for a 9 year old size headband – you may need more for a larger headband) or buy a ready made black headband
  • All purpose glue – suitable for fabrics

The sticking and sewing bit 

Cutting out Betty Bat

Cutting out Betty Bat

  • Stick the eyes, mouth, inner ears and bow to Betty Bat
Smile Betty!

Smile Betty!

  • Leave to dry whilst you make the headband
  • Fold your jersey strip in half lengthways with right sides together and sew along the long edge – leaving the ends open (I used pink siz-zag stitching so you can see it – zig zag works well with Jersey because it allows the fabric to stretch)

2015-10-19 20.59.50

  • Turn right side out, so you have a tube, then press so the seam is in the centre
  • Fold in half, matching the short ends and sew the ends together (this seam will be hidden by Betty Bat)
  • Sew Betty Bat to the headband (over the join) – sewing down each side of her body (or stick to the headband if you’re using a ready made one)

2015-10-19 21.13.13

  • Place on child’s head and get them to jump up and down to make Betty Bat flap…
  • Then send them out with matching bat outfit (I love this one from Alpha Mom)to get far too many free sweets!

Happy Halloween!!

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