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Cuddly sleeping bag tutorial

2015-07-07 19.31.04

I always like making things for party favours for my children’s parties.  This year I decided to make sleeping bags for 6″ Beanie Boos (as it was a Beanie Boo themed party – more on that later).  They are quick and easy to make and would easily work with cotton instead of plush.  My daughter loves plush so she had one made out of just plush.  The heart pillow gives your Beanie Boo a nice comfy place to rest their head for the night!


  • 1 fat quarter plush (I used ‘Cuddles’ in Watermelon from the Eternal Maker)
  • 1 fat quarter cotton to co-ordinate with plush (I used ‘Celestial Navigation, Seven Seas by Michele Brummer-Everett, Cloud 9 Organic Fabrics.  Because bunnies with eye patches are just cute! Again from the Eternal Maker)
  • 10 x 10 cm (4″ x 4″) piece of wadding (about 1.5cm or 3/4″ thick)
  • Matching thread

1. Cutting out 

Using  the  Sleeping bag pattern and cut out – 1 x back piece and 1 x front piece in plush.  1 x back piece and 1 x front piece in contrast fabric.   1 x heart shape in wadding using the Heart template.

2015-07-05 19.32.28

2. Sewing together 

Place the two back pieces right sides together, pin and sew round – leaving a gap to turn right side out.  Make sure the gap is on the bottom half of the sleeping bag – then it will get sewn shut later.  Warning – plush likes to slide around so pin well!

2015-07-07 18.39.48


Trim any excess seam allowance and push something pointy into the seam to make it sit nice and flat (there’s probably a technical term for that part!)

To make the heart pillow: insert the wadding heart shape through the opening and wiggle it up to the top of the bag (you’ll be able to feel when it’s in the right place).  Pin the pattern piece on top and sew round (you can leave a gap between the pattern and where you sew).

2015-07-07 18.53.10


Make the front of the sleeping bag:  Place the front pieces right sides together, pin and sew – leaving an opening on one side (this will be sewn shut later).


2015-07-07 19.00.18


Turn right side out, trim excess seams and flatten.

Sew the front to back: Pin and topstitch the front piece to the back piece – making sure that the raw edges are neatly tucked in so they get sewn shut.

2015-07-07 19.05.44


Ta da! !!  Your sleeping bag is complete and you can now invite all your Beanie Boo friends round for a sleepover party!


2015-07-07 19.14.42

P.S.  If you use a contrast fabric then it’s also reversible!

2015-07-07 19.28.22


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